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"Although I have great respect for the work of bees, I didn't want them hanging out at my front door.
So I called a number of companies looking for a "no-kill" organization and finally found Arizona Bee Rescue. I called them late on a Sat. with my wife pretty much in a panic and they arrived the following morning (on Mother's Day!). AZ Bee Rescue took great care of the bees and my front entrance. They did a great job! I'm also happy to know the bees will continue to pollinate elsewhere." ~ Stan Sorenson


"Two years ago a swarm of bees moved in under our shed. We tried to find someone who would remove them LIVE but could only find people who would kill them. We know how important bees are so we let them stay. In March of this year, with so much hype about bees stinging people, our neighbors became alarmed and we were delighted to find the Dex listing: AZ Bee Rescue and Pollinating Service. They came out promptly, totally prepared, cut a large hole in the floor of our shed, and patiently worked with the bees until they were boxed up, everything was cleaned up and the shed repaired. Everyone was happy! We were impressed with how knowledgeable and efficient they were, and we can certainly recommend the highly." ~ Lois and Paul Banks


"So happy to have found the bee rescuers. Glad to know there's an "eco-friendly" company out there that doesn't kill the bees. And at a fair price! Top-notch people." ~ M. S. Hanley

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Thank you. Arizona Bee Rescue - Bee Relocation Specialists

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